Hello Card

Susan Cobb

Hello Card
By Susan Cobb

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Designer’s Tip: These pre-printed cards are fun and easy to color with inks. You can make each one unique and different by varying the ink colors.



  1. Front: Place your pre-printed card with the fold at the top. Use the stylus handle and blender tips to lightly apply Periwinkle ink randomly on the right side of the card, then gradually working some of the ink on the left side of the card. Using a clean blender tip, add some Clover ink near the Periwinkle areas. Now layer some Clover ink over the edges of some of the Periwinkle areas. Using a clean blender tip, add some Cheeky ink in some of the remaining white areas, on the upper left and lower middle edge of the card. Continue to add more ink, layering some Periwinkle over some of the Cheeky areas. Layer as much as you like—the Clover and Periwinkle layer well together, and the Cheeky and Periwinkle layer well together. But be careful about layering the Clover with the Cheeky ink, as the color can turn muddy.
  2. Cut a 5 1/2" length of fuchsia grosgrain ribbon and glue across the card, 3/8” from the bottom. Tie a bow and Zot™ on the ribbon, 1 1/2" from the right. Zot™ resin flowers in clusters of 3 on the large palm frond as shown.
  3. Use the Tiny Tags & Little Labels template to trace a “Rounded Tag C” shape on white cardstock. Cut it out and lightly ink it with Periwinkle and Cheeky inks. Place Tiny Words & Phrases Dazzles™ “Hello” centered on the tag. Glue the tag near the bow.