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Christmas Tree Aperture Card

LeNae Gerig

Christmas Tree Aperture Card
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: Place Gold Jewel Dazzles™ among the flower garlands around the small trees and on the dangling flowers on the inside card back.



  1. Select the Christmas Evergreen Front, the Christmas Evergreen Back and the Heartfelt Words insert sheet. Punch out the tree card back and fold into an accordion with a mountain, valley and mountain fold.
  2. Cut out the tree shape section from the Heartfelt Words Insert sheet and score in half vertically as a valley fold. Glue the insert onto the white side of the large center tree on the card back, lining up the sides perfectly.
  3. Punch out the foiled tree card front and remove the internal panel to reveal the aperture. Fold into an accordion with a valley, a mountain and then a valley fold. Apply glue stick to the back of the small trees on the card front. Place the folded card front over the folded card back, aligning the small trees on the sides. Foam tape 2 smaller green trees, offset from the side trees as shown. Glue star and flower cut-outs to the top of the trees. Embellish trees with Gold Jewel Dazzles™
  4. To make the card stand, the large back tree is in a valley fold and the large front, aperture tree is in a mountain fold. To place in an envelope make the front tree into a valley fold and slide into an envelope.