Antique Watercolors Box Base Card

LeNae Gerig

Antique Watercolors Box Base Card
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: The box base holds up the tag, placed in the base slot.



  1. Remove the center slit in the box base and fold the score lines inwards in mountain folds to form the box shape, leaving the last 2 fold lines folded inward inside the bottom of the box.
  2. Place Ultra Clear Tape along the bottom of the non-foiled side of the large tag shape topper. Place the bottom edge of the topper between the slit made by the folded box ends inside the box base, and stick the tag topper in place.
  3. Place lengths of Ultra Clear Tape along the length of the folded pieces inside the box and stick the 2 sections together.
  4. Foam tape the coordinating oval die-cut to the center of the tag topper. Thread with a folded length of ivory ribbon, included in the kit. Foam tape the oval greeting die-cut to the box top.
  5. Ultra Clear Tape the foiled die-cut strips to the box front and back. Place lengths of Gold Jewel Border Dazzles™ along the box top as shown.