Season's Greetings

LeNae Gerig

Season's Greetings
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: Apply glitter glue lightly and use the bottle tip of rub it around the Snow Suede Paper to give it a more random and natural look, like icy snow.



  1. Place the card with the fold on the top and cover with Blue Snowflake Shine Design Paper. Die cut the Small Winter Cottage house and chimney from Red Holographic Ripple Paper and the door from kraft cardstock. Die cut the windows, roof and snow for top of chimney from Snow Suede Paper. Assemble the cabin as shown and glue ivory cardstock behind the windows and door. Glue the cabin to the card front, 7/8” from the bottom and 1” from the right edge.
  2. Apply glitter glue to the top of the chimney, roof and window edges as well as a swirl on the center of the roof. Let dry. Tear the top edge of 2 pieces of Snow Suede Paper. Glue across the bottom, with torn edges overlapping at the center. Trim even with the card edges. Apply glitter glue to the top edges of suede and make 3 swirls on the surface as shown.
  3. Die cut 2 small and 1 large Snow Covered Trees from Snow Suede paper. Turn each piece over and place on foam sheet or mouse pad. Use a medium sized stylus to round each tree piece from the back. Turn over and apply glitter glue to the edges of each layer. Let dry. Place foam tape behind each layer, placing the bottom piece first and working your way up with graduated pieces. Place the largest free first, on the far left side of the card with a smaller tree overlapping it to the right. Place the last tree on the far right side of the cabin.
  4. Place Merry Merry Dazzles™ “Season’s Greetings” across the top of the card as shown.