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Lantern Light Card

LeNae Gerig

Lantern Light Card
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: The lantern can stand on its own or you can hang from the loop with ribbon.



  1. Punch out the Dancing Snowfall Lantern Light Card pieces and 1 white Lantern Background. Punch out the middle sections from the lantern windows and with the design facing away from you, fold the score lines in valley folds. Place Ultra Clear Tape on the back of the 2 tabs along the window sides and wrap around the greeting base, allowing the window to bow slightly.
  2. Fold the score lines on the lantern top as mountain folds, with the design facing you. Place Ultra Clear Tape on the top tab and 3 bottom tabs and secure to the top of the lantern. Ultra Clear Tape the gold foil trim over the seam between the top and the window.
  3. Fold all of the score lines on the lantern bottom piece as mountain folds, again with the design facing you. Place Ultra Clear Tape along the top and bottom tabs. Align the narrowest portion of the base with the bottom of the window and wrap the bottom tab around the bottom of the lantern base.
  4. Use Ultra Clear Tape to secure the white Lantern Background to the back of the lantern card, covering the folded tabs. Assemble the stand and tape to the bottom center of the card back. Glue and foam tape the die-cut holly leaves and berries to the top and bottom of the lantern as shown.