Get Well Soon Card

Debbie Samples

Get Well Soon Card
By Debbie Samples

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Designer Tip: A simple silhouette burnished with the flakes makes an elegant Get Well Card.



  1. Card front: Place a blank card with the fold on the left. Glue a 4½”x6¼” Moka Suede paper centered.
  2. Ink the stamp with the Flitterglu. Stamp on a 2¾"x5½” Dark Green cardstock. Carefully place the Megaflakes all over the image. Press the flakes into the image. Place a paper over the flakes and burnish the flakes into the image. Tap the excess back into the jar. Use the scootchy sponge to begin lightly scrub off the excess flakes. Keep scrubbing more and more of the flakes off, to expose the image. Mat on a gold ripple holographic paper with 1/8” borders. Glue to the card front.
  3. Glue a 4½”x1/4” brown suede paper on the bottom, 1¼” from the bottom edge. Place a “Get Well Soon” Dazzles™ on a 2 5/8”x3/4” Moka Suede paper. Mat on gold ripple holographic paper with 1/16” borders. Foam tape over the suede strip.