Chiara Doll Card

Debbie Samples

Chiara Doll Card
By Debbie Samples

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Designer Tip: Use heat-embossed Suede paper for hair.



  1. Card front: Create a card by cutting 12”x12” ivory cardstock into two 5½”x8½” rectangles. Connect the two at the top with three Flip Flop Fasteners. Cover the front with Nostalgia brown paper. Glue a 5”x5” Nostalgia striped paper ¼” from the bottom and side edges. Glue a 5”x4” Nostalgia turquoise/peach floral paper on top, overlapping the stripes and ¼” from the top and side edges. Place a Turquoise Jewel Border Dazzles™ at the top and bottom of the Nostalgia floral paper. Cut a 2½”x4” Nostalgia turquoise paper and cut a “V” into one short side. Glue on the bottom right side, ½” from the right edge.
  2. Stamp the doll stamp in black on Nostalgia peach floral paper. Cut out close to the stamped edge. Stamp the dress part of the stamp on Nostalgia yellow dot and Nostalgia turquoise, Stamp the feet part of the stamp on Nostalgia brown. Cut the dress from the yellow dot paper. Cut the belt from the turquoise paper, and the shoes from the brown paper. Glue the pieces to their matching places on the doll stamp.
  3. Stamp the doll head in glue ink, onto Moka suede paper. Dust with ZING! blush embossing powder. Tap off the excess and heat emboss. Cut close to the stamped edge. Glue to the doll head. Add two yellow rhinestones where the headband should be. Color the lace on the sleeves with BT5. Add a green rhinestone to each shoe. Glue the doll to the left side of the card.
  4. Stamp “Quiet Moments” and “Love Your Life” in black onto ivory cardstock. Color with TN2 & BT4. Cut into two notched tags, close to the words. Glue near the doll head at different angles. Stamp the coffee pot and the cupcake in black on ivory cardstock. Color with TN2, FS6, EB2 & BT4. Cut close to the stamped edges of the coffee pot and the cupcake, and set aside.
  5. Tie a 4” turquoise ribbon and 4” brown stitch ribbon into a knot. Glue behind one of the 3D stickers. Place two 3D stickers on the right edge. Glue the coffee pot stamp and the cupcake stamp near the stickers.
  6. Place rhinestone stickers on the 3D stickers and on the word tags.