Thanks a Bunch Card

Debbie Samples

Thanks a Bunch Card
By Debbie Samples

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Designer Tip: Cut the shape with the cutting die first, and then stamp with the clear stamp to line them up better.



  1. Card front: Place a blank card with the fold on top. Cover with Kindred Spirit dark brown dotted paper.
  2. Cut a 6”x4½” Kindred Spirit tan dotted paper. Stamp a Large, medium and small flower, on scratch paper. Cut them out with their matching cutting die, or by hand, to use a mask. Begin with one of the large flowers, and stamp one flower in each ink color: Dark Peony, Berrylicious, Plumeria. Stamp in a triangle pattern. Use the mask to cover the flowers and stamp the medium flowers in each color overlapping the masks, in a triangular pattern. Stamp the smallest flowers in the same manner. Stamp a few of each leaf stamp around the outer edge in Warm Green ink.
  3. Use the cutting die to cut four large flowers from Kindred Spirit pink and purple paper. Stamp a large flower on each in purple and Berrylicious. Use two different medium cutting dies to cut seven varying medium flowers on Kindred Spirit tan dot paper. Stamp matching medium flowers in all three inks. Use the smallest cutting die to cut four small flowers on Kindred Spirit tan dot paper. Stack layers of flowers with large, medium and small. Make four stacked flowers. Foam tape these over the original three large flowers you first stamped, reserving one for the inside. Foam tape the three single flowers in the middle of the bouquet. Use the all of the different leaf cutting dies to cut several stems and single leaves from Kindred Spirit green paper. Glue around the outer edge saving two stems for inside.
  4. Trace and cut a Tiny Label from Kindred Spirit tan dot paper. Mat on Kindred Spirit dark brown paper with 1/16” borders. Stamp “Thanks a Bunch” in Timber Brown ink. Ink the edges. Foam tape to the top right corner.
  5. Card inside: Stamp “LOVE You” on a 4½”x3 ½” Kindred Spirit tan dot paper. Mat on Kindred Spirit dark brown dot paper with ¼” borders. Foam tape a layered flower and two leaf stems on the left side.
  6. Place Purple Jewel Dazzles™ as shown.