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Happy Birthday To You Card

Debbie Samples

Happy Birthday To You Card
By Debbie Samples

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Designer Tip: Use Paper Tole to embellish the steps of the Side Step card!



  1. Card front: Use a Side Step Blank White Card for the base. Cover the left side with Hopscotch circles paper. Glue a 2½”x4½” Hopscotch red graffiti paper to the center. Glue a 3”x2” Hopscotch green plaid to the top step. Glue 3”x¼” Hopscotch yellow plaid paper to the second step, and glue 6”x1½” Hopscotch striped paper to the bottom. Notch a 5½” length of red dot ribbon on both ends. Glue on the stripe centered.
  2. Assemble the elephant and the Happy Birthday paper tole with foam tape. Glue the elephant to the left side. Glue the Happy Birthday to the top step. Glue the two small extra artwork circles to the middle step. Zot™ a knotted red dot ribbon to the right of the elephant on the red dot ribbon. Glue two music note die-cuts near the elephant.
  3. Card inside: Mat a 5”x2” Hopscotch orange grid paper on Hopscotch circles paper with ¼” borders. Mat again on Hopscotch red graffiti paper with 1/16” borders. Glue to the bottom of the card. Glue the two swirl die-cuts to the middle of the orange paper. Cut off the point of the word balloon paper tole and assemble with foam tape, and glue in the center. Place the Dazzles™ as shown.