Shannon’s Ladybug Page

Debbie Samples

Shannon’s Ladybug Page
By Debbie Samples

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Designer Tip: Echo the circles in the paper by also cutting your photos into circles!



  1. Use the Hopscotch circle border paper for the base. Place the border at the bottom. Notch both ends of a 3½” length of blue/yellow stitched ribbon and glue to the top left corner, 2” from the top. Notch both ends of a 5½” length of red dot ribbon and glue to the bottom right corner, 3” from the bottom.
  2. Use the Easy Circles Template to cut three photos. Cut one into a 6” circle, one into a 5” circle, and one into a 4” circle. Mat each onto Hopscotch red dot, yellow plaid or teal graffiti paper. Ink the edges. Glue the largest to the bottom left corner, and the smallest to the top right corner. Foam tape the medium photo in the center, overlapping the first two.
  3. Computer journal or write on the yellow banner die-cut and the red framed die-cut. Foam tape the banner over the middle photo. Glue the red frame die-cut over the red dot ribbon. Place the Dazzles™ on the yellow scalloped die-cut. Make a red ribbon bow and tie the center with twine; Zot™ to the bottom of the yellow scalloped die-cut and glue to the top right corner of the red frame. Glue the flowers and bugs as shown. Glue the balloon over the blue/yellow stitched ribbon. Foam tape the butterfly to the right of the balloon.