BFF Watercolor Card

Gail Booth

BFF Watercolor Card
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: Make a watercolor background for this cute stamped image and vivid colors.



  1. Watercolor background: Spritz water on both sides of 7”x7” watercolor paper and set on your craft sheet. Spritz water on your palette and individually scribble the following watercolor pencils in separate areas of water to create puddles of color for painting: #’s 151, 166, & 105. Use the paintbrush to apply the color washes randomly across the wet paper, blending a little as you go. Spritz on more water and tilt the paper to blend more. Slide the wet paintbrush across the end of #105 to create spatters across the paper. Let dry and use for the stamped images.
  2. Stamp the standing girl w/one cat onto the right side of 3”x4” watercolored paper with VersaMark™, dust with embossing powder, shake off the excess and set with the heat gun. Stamp and emboss a bird on her hat, and another cat on the left, as shown. Color the images with pencils that have been dipped in water. Oranges and yellows for the cats, hat and hair. Red and blues for the ribbon, dress, flower, birds and bows. Pink for the girl’s face, and the cat’s nose and tongue. Blend over the colors with a paintbrush, but do not water down the coloring. Let dry. Trace the edge of the Double Bracket Label from the Design Tool Kit onto the upper and lower edges and cut along the traced line. Mat on forest suede, then on Hopscotch yellow gingham paper with 1/16" borders. Mat again on Hopscotch large dot paper with 1/8” border, then on suede with 1/16” border and foam tape ¼” from the bottom of your card.
  3. Stamp and emboss “BFF…” and a small bird on watercolored paper. Color in the bird. Trace around the image with the Vintage Sign and cut out. Mat on suede with a 1/16" border and punch a hole at each end. Thread red dotted edged ribbon through each end, tying a knot on top and cutting the upper end of the ribbons in a “v”. Foam tape the sign centered at the top and glue the tail ends of the ribbon across, trimming even with the sides of your card.
  4. Card inside: Cover with yellow gingham paper and glue red dotted edged ribbon across the center, trimming even with the sides.
  5. Stamp and emboss “Hope your day…” and another single cat on separate areas of the watercolored paper. Color in the cat. Trace around each with the small and large flower templates (as shown), then cut out each and mat on suede with 1/16" borders. Glue the cat as shown and Zot™ on a knot of ribbon. Foam tape the sentiment in place.