Simply Wonderful Candle Card

Gail Booth

Simply Wonderful Candle Card
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: Ink the sides of the candles to give more shadow and make then appear more rounded.



  1. Card front: Place a blank card with the fold on your left and cover with Chalkboard banner border paper, keeping the “Simply Wonderful” banner centered at the top. Chomp the upper left corner of 3 ¾”x3 ¾” Chalkboard green flourish paper, ink the edges black and mat on Chalkboard ivory dot paper with 1/8" borders on the top and left edges. Chomp the upper left corner, ink the edges black and glue at the bottom right corner of your card, even with the edges. Chomp the card corners and ink the edges. Place several short border Dazzles™ along the left side, below the banner artwork, as shown.
  2. Follow your die-cutting machine’s instructions to cut several pine sprigs from suede, and several from Christmas Chalkboard green dot paper. Use the paper tool kit and mat to shape the green dot pine sprigs. Use Seafoam Stickles on the green dot pine sprigs and let dry. Glue 3 or 4 of the suede and green dot sprigs in place (to be behind the candles).
  3. Cut two candles and two wax drips from natural cardstock. Cut 1” off the top of one candle, matching the angle at the candle top. Ink the edges of the candles and the wax drips, then use the paper tool kit and mat to shape the candle sides and the wax drips. Foam tape the wax drips on top of the candles, then foam tape the candles in place, ¾” from the right side and ¼” from the bottom of your card.
  4. Cut two large flames from red fireworks holographic paper and two small flames from gold ripple. Foam tape on top of each other and foam tape in place over the candles. Use Diamond Ice Stickles on the wax drips and let dry. Zot™ or glue the remaining pine sprigs in place, as shown.
  5. Cut the “Simply Wonderful” banner from the remaining Chalkboard banner border paper, and foam tape over the banner at the top of your card. Cut the prongs from two ivory Embellies™ brads and foam tape one at each end of the banner. Use Seafoam Stickles on the banner edges and Diamond stickles around the outer artwork, let dry. Zot™ on a bow of ivory swirl sheer ribbon at the candle bases.