Bandana Girl Card

Gail Booth

Bandana Girl Card
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: When laying down colors with the pencils, start with a very light handed touch and continue layering color until you achieve vibrant results. Too heavy handed layers in the beginning will result in lighter hues. Smooth the layers with the blending solution and paper stumps, and add more color if needed.



  1. Card front: Place a blank card with the fold on top. Ink the edges of 2”x4 7/8” Family Ties teal flourish paper and glue ¼” from the left side of 6 3/8”x4 7/8” Family Ties tan flourish paper. Ink the edges of 6 3/8”x2” Family Ties black/red diamond paper and glue ¼” from the top edge. Ink the edges and glue centered on 6 ½”x5 hammered gold paper. Place a length of brown dotted sheer ½” from the left side and glue ends onto the back. Glue the piece onto your card front. Stamp “Hugs and Kisses” on the lower right edge.
  2. Stamp Tina Tatters onto 4 1/4x3 ¼” white cardstock. Use the pencils from both sets to color in the image, as shown. Use the paper stumps and blending solution to smooth and blend the colors, leaving some white areas for highlighting. Mat the piece on Family Ties blue paper with a 1/16" border, then on hammered gold with a 1/8” border. Foam tape centered on your card. Place Jewel Dazzles™ on the corners of the piece and paper strips.
  3. Tie a triple length of twine around the ends of the bird charm and Zot™ over a triple loop of the twine. Zot™ on a bow with “v” cuts in the ends, as shown.