Make A Wish

LeNae Gerig

Make A Wish
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: To remove the metal leaf from the delicate dandelion blossom, use the scoochy foam around the outside edges and move to the center of the blossom.



  1. Window: Place the card with the fold on the side and cover with Family Ties blue tile paper and ink the card edges. Ink edges of 4 3/8”x5 7/8” and glue to the card center. Open the card and lay flat. Use the X-acto® Knife to make a small “x” cut on the center front. Use fingers to gently tear a rectangle around the card, about ¾” from each edge. Apply black ink to the torn edges. Use the glue pad to stamp Make a Wish small butterfly on the top left side of the card. Heat set according to manufacturer instructions and cover with green variegated gold leaf. Use scoochy foam to remove excess gold leaf. Use ¾” wide brown dot Family Ties Ribbon to make a bow and Zot to the card as shown.
  2. Inside: Cover the card with Family Ties ivory paper. Cut Family Ties black paper to 5” wide and tear top and bottom edges to 3 ¼” wide. Use the glue pad to stamp the large Make A Wish dandelion onto the left side of the black paper. Stamp 2 butterflies to the right of the dandelion blossom. Heat the stamped image according to the Stamp & Stick glue pad manufacturer’s instructions and apply green variegated metal leaf to each image. Glue the torn paper across the card center to be seen from the window in the card front. Stamp “Make a wish…” on 2”x3/4” Family Ties ivory paper. Cut a “v” shape on the right end, ink edges and foam tape to the right side of the dandelion stem.