Easter Chick Ornament

LeNae Gerig

Easter Chick Ornament
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: When applying micro glitter to adhesive, rub the glitter into the adhesive, covering the areas desired, using fingertips in a small circular motion. Tap off excess glitter and burnish again with fingertips. Tap off excess and repeat until almost no glitter comes off when tapped.



  1. Cut a 2 ½” square of double sided adhesive and adhere one side to white cardstock. Peel backing off of the opposite side of the adhesive and place Cute Easter Chick Dazzles™ centered on the adhesive. Sprinkle adhesive with micro glitter and burnish with fingertip, covering the entire Dazzles™ area. Tap off excess glitter and continue to burnish. Cut out Dazzles™ just under the outer edge of the sticker.
  2. Color the glittered area with the following Light Spectrum Noir Pens: Chick head and center of Easter egg with LY3 yellow, beak FS9 peach, cheeks CR3 pink, top of egg GT1 blue. Egg bottom LG2 green. Center of flower HB3 purple and edges of flower petal and egg dots PP2 pink. Place a Teal Jewel Dazzles™ on the flower center.
  3. Give the glass disc a shimmer by covering the inside with a thin coat of glitter. Remove the hanger cap from the glass disc and sprinkle micro glitter inside. Cover opening with fingertip and shake disc to cover the inside with a coat of glitter. Replace hanger cap.
  4. Glue the Dazzles™ to the front of the glass disc, using foam tape under the flower for support. Thread the disc hanger with Hopscotch ¼” wide yellow gingham ribbon and use ¾” wide ribbon to make a bow and Zot( to the front of the hanger as shown.