Thinking Of You

Susan Cobb

Thinking Of You
By Susan Cobb

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Designer’s Tip: Place the Medallion Dazzles™ on clear acetate, then color the back of the acetate with Spectrum pens, to show through the acetate and Dazzles™ for a pretty look. Use the Spectrum blender pen to clean up any stray pen marks if you get outside the lines.



  1. Cut a 5”x6 1/2" white cardstock. Cut a 5”x7 1/2" piece of acetate. Use the back of your knife blade to score a line across the acetate, 1” from the top. Fold back on the scored line and crease it well. Place Ultra Clear Tape across the top edge of the cardstock. Align the fold of the acetate even with the top of the cardstock, and press the smaller folded acetate section in place. Make sure the larger acetate flap is pulled up and off the cardstock, then add another piece of Ultra Clear Tape across the small section of acetate. Cut a 5”x6 1/2" Cardmaker’s Jewel blue/purple floral textured paper and glue it even with the white cardstock, over the taped section of the acetate. Press the acetate flap over the paper to create a clear card front.
  2. Place Stitched Medallion Dazzles™ corners at each of the 4 corners of the acetate, plus at both sides, 3” from the bottom. Cut a 5”x1/2” Cardmaker’s Jewel blue/purple diamonds paper and mat on Cardmaker’s Jewel lavender floral paper with 1/16” borders. Use this strip as a template to cut a second strip of blue/purple diamonds paper that is the same width as your first strip including the mat. Tape the matted strip across the acetate, 7/8” from the bottom. Open the flap and place the second strip on the back of the acetate, covering the first strip. Make sure that no white edges show from the front, then tape in place.
  3. Position the Stitched Medallion Dazzles™ large scalloped round frame centered on the acetate, 1 1/2" from the top. Place the Dazzles™ scalloped hearts circle centered inside the frame.
  4. Open the acetate flap. Use the LV2 pen to color in the area of the acetate on the back of the scalloped frame. Use the LV3 pen to color in the hearts border and scallop on the back of the scalloped hearts circle. Color in the center oval spaces on the back of each Dazzles™ corner with the LV3 pen. Color in the area around the large oval on the back of each corner with the LV2 pen. Close the acetate flap.
  5. Zot™ lavender Forget Me Nots as shown. Use 3/4” wide purple crepe ribbon to tie a bow. Trim the ends into a “V” and Zot™ on the edge of the Dazzles™ frame as shown. Place Greetings Dazzles™ “Thinking Of You” on the right side of the blue/purple matted strip.
  6. Inside: Place the Stitched Medallion Dazzles™ circle with flower center on acetate and trim evenly around the edges. Turn the piece over and use the LV3 pen to color the acetate on the back of the circle’s edge, outside the stitched border. Use the LV2 pen to color the acetate on the back of the flower shape. Place on the blue/purple floral textured paper on the inside of the card. Close the acetate flap and position the round piece centered inside the scalloped frame of the acetate. Glue on the paper. Place Greetings Dazzles™ “Just Because” centered on the paper so it is covered by the blue/purple matted strip on the front when the card is closed. Zot™ a flower centered on the Dazzles™ as shown.