Happy birthday!

Susan Cobb

Happy birthday!
By Susan Cobb

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Designer’s Tip: Use the Eternity stencil and Silver Metal leaf to create an eye-catching shaped topper for your card.



  1. Front: Place your card with the fold at the top. Cover the card with On Butterfly Wings black/ivory vines paper. Cut a 5 1/2"x4” ivory/pink/brown roses paper and ink the edges black. Mat with On Butterfly Wings pink tiny roses paper with 3/16” borders. Glue it centered on the card. Cut a 6 1/2"x5/8” strip of striped paper and ink the edges black. Glue across the card, even with the bottom.
  2. Place the Eternity stencil on a piece of On Butterfly Wings black/ivory dots paper and anchor the outside edges with a few pieces of stencil tape. Trace the outer edges with a pencil.
  3. Use the glue pad to apply the liquid adhesive directly on the paper through the stencil. Make sure the glue fills the open areas completely. Remove the stencil from the paper. Heat with the heat gun until the glue has a matte look. Cover the areas of glue with silver leaf and press in place with your fingers. Use the scoochy to polish the image in a circular motion. Cut out the stenciled image on your pencil lines.
  4. Turn the stenciled image and place on the card so one corner is centered 1 1/4" the bottom. Glue on the card, trimming edges evenly with the card. Place a On Butterfly Wings Dazzles™ thin border centered across the striped paper strip. Place a second border even with the top edge of the card. Add small hearts down the center of the stenciled image to decorate it. Place a Dazzles™ butterfly on a piece of On Butterfly Wings pink tiny roses paper and trim the edges evenly. Back a second smaller butterfly with On Butterfly Wings brown/ivory dots paper and trim around the edges. Lightly fold the wings of each butterfly together and foam tape the body of each on the card as shown. Add black Jewel Dazzles™ to the bodies.
  5. Use the Tiny Tags & Little Labels template to trace a Squared Tag A shape onto On Butterfly Wings pink/brown dots paper. Remove the template and cut out the tag. Write or computer print the greeting centered on the tag. Mat with On Butterfly Wings black/ivory dots paper with 1/16” borders. Glue the tag angled on the left side of the card as shown. Use 3/4" wide black crepe ribbon to tie a bow and trim the ends into a “V”. Zot™ the bow on the top of the tag as shown.