Purple/orange cupcake wrapper and insert

Susan Cobb

Purple/orange cupcake wrapper and insert
By Susan Cobb

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Designer’s Tip: Use orange glitter to add fun and sparkly flower centers to the shiny purple flowers for the insert.



  1. Use the Butterfly Cupcake Wrapper Die and your die-cutting machine to cut a wrapper from Purple Circles Holographic paper. Bring the ends together and place the tab into the slit to secure.
  2. Die cut 2 flower inserts from the purple Metallic Mirror sheet, leaving the backing on each piece. Cut a 4 1/2" length of an Orange Crush Stix. Slightly flatten 1/2" at the cut end of the Stix and Zot™ the flattened end on the back of one flower. Add 3 layers of foam tape around the Stix. Place the second flower aligned on top. Punch two 3/4" circles each from orange cardstock and double-sided adhesive. Place an adhesive circle on each orange circle. Sprinkle the adhesive circles with orange glitter and rub with your fingers to press it into the adhesive. Tap off the excess and place it back into the container. Mat each circle on white cardstock with 1/16” borders. Zot™ a circle centered on each purple flower.
  3. Place your cupcake inside the wrapper, then position the Stix with the flower centered in the cupcake.