Bird Postage Card

LeNae Gerig

Bird Postage Card
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: Make your card 3-D by stamping 2 postcard images, cutting out a focal from one and foam taping it over the other.



  1. Place the card with the fold at the top and cover with Fancy Feathers green paper. Stamp the bird postcard image angled on the card center. Apply dark blue chalk to the post card borders. Tear the right edge of 2”x5” feathers paper, ink edges and glue down the card, ¼” from the left side.
  2. Stamp the bird postcard onto Silky Paper twice. Cut out only the bird from one image, and cut out the entire remaining postcard. Color both birds with blue and green metallic chalks. Color the postcard border dark blue and the feathers purple, lime green and blue. Color eggs dark blue and the postcard background purple and green.
  3. Foam tape the cut-out bird over the bird on the colored postcard. Glue the postcard to the card at an angle, as shown. Stamp “Handle With Care!” on the top right and a swirl image at the bottom right as shown.
  4. Stamp “Post Card” on a strip of white cardstock. Tear the right edge and ink edges black. Apply dark brown metallic chalk over the words and foam tape to the bottom edge of the card. Use a length of lime green dot ribbon and ¼” wide purple grid ribbon to make bows. Zot( one over the other on the postcard top left corner as shown.