Inlaid Roses Card

Gail Booth

Inlaid Roses Card
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: Use double-sided adhesive to make inlaying die-cuts easier.



  1. Card front: Place a blank card with the fold on top. Cover with black suede paper and glue a length of ¾” wide white dot sheer ribbon ½” from the fold, tucking the ends under the suede paper.
  2. Die cut a rose from 5½” square smoke suede paper, orienting the cutting die as shown. Save all die-cut pieces for the inlay process. Remove one backing paper from 5½” square double-sided adhesive and place on the back of the suede silhouette piece. Cut the piece to 4¾” square and mat on silver linen paper with a 1/16" border.
  3. Cut a rose die-cut from each of the following papers and save all die-cut pieces (keeping them separate) for the inlay process: black suede, red hearts holographic, pink hearts holographic, silver linen. Inlay the large black suede die-cut into the smoke suede silhouette piece, pressing onto the adhesive to secure. Begin inlaying the saved die-cut pieces into the corresponding areas as follows: grey suede around the outer edges, silver linen in the leaves, red and pink hearts in the roses, as shown. Glue the finished piece 1/16” from the left side of your card.
  4. Cut three butterfly die-cuts from silver linen and back with black suede. Cut two butterflies from each of the red and pink holographic papers and inlay the small inner butterfly pieces with glue. Fold up the wings and foam tape two butterflies as shown. Place a large “Thank You” Dazzles™ along the right side as shown. Zot™ on a bow.
  5. Card inside: Mat the lower edge of 6½”x1/2” black suede on pink holographic with 1/8” borders, and then on red holographic paper with 1/8” borders. Glue 1½” from the fold and place “You’re the Best” Dazzles™ as shown. Foam tape the last inlaid butterfly as shown.