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Hunkydory Aperture Circle Card

Debbie Samples

Hunkydory Aperture Circle Card
By Debbie Samples

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Designer Tip: The dome is great for covering 3-D embellishments like flowers or paper tole!



  1. Card front: Place a blank 6” square card with the fold on top. Glue a 5” square of Red Heart Holographic paper to the center. Cover the circle die-cut square with Red Heart Holographic paper. Glue a 5¾” Picnic yellow paper centered. Use the X-acto knife to cut through both layers and cut the circle from the middle. Trim the yellow circle by 1/8”. Save to place under the dome.
  2. Place the circle die-cut square over the card, lining up the edges. Lightly trace the circle, and glue the Picnic yellow paper inside the traced lines. Glue the lip of the dome to the back of the die-cut circle.
  3. Assemble the “Super Sweet” paper tole with foam tape. Glue to the center of the Picnic yellow circle. Glue the berries and paper flowers in place. Assemble the Ribbon Banner paper tole with foam tape. Glue diagonally to the bottom right corner, wrapping the banner around the card edges. Glue the dome piece to the card front. Place the “Grandma” Dazzles™ on a 1½”x5/8” white cardstock. Mat on Red Heart holographic paper with 1/16” borders. Foam tape to the top left corner.
  4. Card inside: Mat a 4¾” square of Picnic yellow paper on Red Heart holographic paper, with 1/8” borders. Glue centered. Assemble the Ribbon paper tole with foam tape. Glue to a 2½”x4 1/8” Red Heart holographic paper, and glue to the left side. Place the “Keeping you…” Dazzles™ on a 2 1/8” square of white cardstock. Mat on Red Heart holographic paper with 1/16” borders Glue to the right side. Foam tape an Extra Artwork flower on the bottom right corner. Glue one of the rec circles from Picnic red circles paper to the center of the ribbon. Place a heart in the center.