Thank You Card

Susan Cobb

Thank You Card
By Susan Cobb

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Designer’s Tip: Inka-Gold is a wax-based, water-soluble colorant that is opaque and dries quickly with a beautiful shimmer. It is best used on porous surfaces. You can apply it with Art Daubers, or thin it down with water to create a “paint” and apply it with a brush. Clean up is easy with soap and water.



  1. Cover a card blank with black cardstock and place with the fold at the top. Measure 1/8” from the outside edges and draw a line with a pencil, all the way around. Cut a long piece of Citrine Glitter tape and place along the bottom, even with the pencil line so you have a thin black border below the tape. Repeat for each side of the card, continuing all the way around. Add Thin Lines Dazzles™ along the edges of the tape as shown.
  2. Cut a 6 7/8”x6 1/2" rectangle from the light blue textured iridescent sheet. Glue it centered on the card.
  3. Place the Zen Flower stencil centered on black cardstock and use stencil tape to secure the corners in place. Use the mini squeegee to obtain some Gold Inka-Gold and place it on a corner of the acrylic block. Wipe off the squeegee with the paper towel and add some Steel Blue Inka-Gold on a clean corner of the block. Repeat for the Green Yellow Inka-Gold. Take a clean Art Dauber and pick up some Gold Inka-Gold onto the sponge tip. Tap and twist the Inka through the stencil, coloring the flower center and rounded petals with the gold. Apply gold to the outer border.
  4. Take a clean art dauber and some Green Yellow Inka-Gold and apply it to the open spaces between the stenciled gold border and the scallop border at the outside edge of the stencil.
  5. Take a clean art dauber and some Steel Blue Inka-Gold and apply to the scalloped border at the outside edges. Now add 6 pointed petals at the outside edges of the flower. Add some blue to the rounded petals, covering some of the gold but not all. Add a little more Gold Inka-Gold to the pointed petals. Carefully remove the stencil and wash it with soap and water.
  6. If you would like to add more color to some areas, it’s easy to add tiny amounts with a brush. Simply dip your brush in water and create a little “paint” from the Inka-Gold and apply to your project. Let dry. Use a clean paper towel to lightly buff the stenciled design to impart more shine (some color may come off onto the paper towel, and that’s ok). Trim the edges outside the stenciled area, leaving 1/8” black borders. Foam tape centered on the light blue iridescent with a 3/4" border across the bottom.
  7. Place Inside/Outside Dazzles™ “Thank You” on the right side of the light blue iridescent below the stenciled design. Decorate the stenciled design with Gold Jewel Dazzles™ as shown. Use 3/4" black crepe ribbon to tie a bow, trimming the ends into a “V.” Zot™ the bow on the lower left side of the card as shown.