“Nah, You’re Good” Card

Susan Cobb

“Nah, You’re Good” Card
By Susan Cobb

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Designer’s Tip: I have used the wet into wet technique with the Spectrum Aqua™ pens for this project. With this technique, I dampened a brush with water, then applied it to the watercolor paper before applying small areas of color with the brush tip of an Aqua pen. I then blended the color with the damp brush for a watercolor look.



  1. Place your blank card with the fold at the top. Cover the card with Pretty Posies green/blue/tan tiles paper. Cover the left half of the card with Pretty Posies red net paper. Cut a 3 1/8”x5” red/tan/ivory tiles paper and glue it even with the left side of the card.
  2. Stamp the Bathing Suit image onto watercolor paper with Black SurfaceZ ink. Place the Design Tool Kit Elegant Label template on the watercolor paper so the stamped image is on the center and right side of the shape. Trace around the shape with the pencil, remove the template, and cut it out. Mat on Pretty Posies red net paper with 1/16” borders. Stamp the words onto Pretty Posies ivory textured paper with black ink. Place the Elegant Tag template on the paper so the stamped words are centered within the shape. Trace around the edges, remove the template and cut out the tag. Mat on Pretty Posies red net paper with 1/16” borders.
  3. Paint in your stamped bathing suit image with Spectrum Aqua™ pens, using the following technique: Dip the fine paintbrush in water, then blot the excess on a paper towel. Use the damp brush to apply clear water to the bathing suite, hat, and shoes of the woman image on the right side. Use the brush tip of the aquamarine pen to apply a small amount of color on the top section of the bathing suit, near the bottom of the space. Use your damp fine paintbrush to blend the color into the damp surface. Continue this technique with the aquamarine color for the ruffled bathing suit, the boots, the hat, and bow. If you want the area to be fairly light, don’t add much color. For the hat, just use a small amount of color already on your brush for the light area. Add more color for the darker bow. Use Gold for the trim and shorts. Use Peach for the skin color, Chocolate for the hair. For the lips, scribble a tiny bit of Crimson onto your clean acrylic block. Pick up a tiny amount of color from the block onto your damp brush and lightly paint in the lips. This technique works well for tiny areas. Repeat for the pale aquamarine on the eyelids. Add the tiniest amount of Crimson for the cheeks, blending with the dampened brush.
  4. For the woman on the center of the image, use Moss for the bathing suit, hat, and socks. Use more water for the lighter areas to dilute the color. Use Desert for the boots and hair. Use the colors in Step 3 for skin, lips, cheeks, and eyelids. For the woman on the left side of the image, use Crimson for the red stripes, hat, and boots. Use a tiny amount of Topaz for the lighter stripes, shorts, socks, and hat bow. Use Gold for the hair. Paint in the skin, lips, cheeks, and eyelids as before.
  5. Now go back and add shadows with more color as desired. Let the image dry. Dip the small paintbrush in water and dab on the paper towel to remove excess water. Apply the damp brush to areas around the women in the image, then scribble some aquamarine color on your clean acrylic block. Use the same brush to pick up a small amount of color and paint it around the women in the image, being careful not to disturb the color in the clothing/boots.
  6. Use the fine black pen to draw a liner 1/8” from the edge of the label. Now dampen the fine brush and add a bit of aquamarine color outside the edges of the line, all the way around the label. Let dry. Add Teal Jewel Dazzles™ at the edges as shown. Foam tape the label centered on the card. Foam tape the tag angled on the left side of the label as shown. Use 1/4" wide sheer blue ribbon to tie a bow. Zot™ the bow on the tag as shown.