Lotus Blossoming Box

LeNae Gerig

Lotus Blossoming Box
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: To close the box, gather the lotus blossom petals to the center and slide into the top box. When the box opens, the flower blossoms again, revealing the greeting.



  1. Punch out the large and medium flowers from the Box Elements 1 die-cut sheet and the largest flower from the Box Lid 1 sheet. Fold the score lines.
  2. Foam tape the small foil petals from the Box Lid 1 sheet to the non-foiled outside of the large flower.
  3. Layer the 3 flowers slightly offset, and place foam tape on the bottom center of each flower between the layers.
  4. Foam tape 3 layers of the octagonal shapes and place a sentiment on the center.
  5. Punch out the lid from Box Lid 1 sheet and fold the scored lines. Tape the small flaps on each side panel to the panel on its right, aligning the edges.
  6. Thread the “Happy Birthday” tag with a 6” length of lavender grosgrain ribbon and glue the ribbon ends to the box center.
  7. Offset and layer with small lotus flowers from both die-cut sheets to the box top, using foam tape. Foam tape a sentiment to the center of the flower.