Hi There Card

Ann Barba

Hi There Card
By Ann Barba

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Designer Tips: Use the scalloped border and thin strips of the Dazzles™ material to create a frame around your focal.



  1. Place your card with the fold on the left. Cover the card front with yellow plaid paper. Glue 3 3/4" x 5 1/2" of multi-stripe paper centered to the card. Glue 3 3/4" x 3/4" of colorful circles paper along the bottom of the multi-stripe paper. Using a ruler and a craft knife, slice off 2 long 1/8" wide strips from the brown Dazzles material. Place these lines on the left and right edges of the striped piece, trimming to fit. Place the scalloped border along the top, bottom, and along the top of the circles strip as shown, trimming each piece to fit. Place a scattering of stars in the top left and bottom right corners as shown.
  2. Peel off the elephant stack of animals and place just the elephant onto light blue dot. Trim around. Do this for the remaining animals with green plaid for the hippo, orange for the monkey, and red dot for the bird. Glue to the striped piece toward the right side as shown. Back some balloons with orange, green, and red paper and glue above the elephant's trunk as shown. Back a bird with red dot and glue 1 1/4" from the left and 2 1/4" from the top. Back the "Hi there" word bubble with blue doodle and glue to the left of the monkey. Tie a bow from red dot ribbon and glue to the bottom left of the elephant, as shown.