Beauty Page

Debbie Samples

Beauty Page
By Debbie Samples

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Designer Tip: Stack a backed Dazzles™ on a Paper Tole as your journaling.



  1. Use the Roses & Lace border paper as your base. Mat a 7”x5” photo on cream cardstock with 1/16” borders. Mat again on Roses & Lace dark pink paper with 1” borders on the right and left. Cut 1½” off the top and bottom of the oval doily. Glue on the top and bottom of the photo and mat. Glue the photo and mat centered 3” from the top. Cut 1¾” from each end of the doily. Glue on the right and the left on the photo.
  2. Glue a 9” pink with white polka dot ribbon 2” from the bottom. Place a 3” section from one of the large border Dazzles™ on the bottom left corner. Place the remaining 3” along the left edge. Glue three Dahlias on the ribbon, starting 2” from the right. Tuck Babies Breath on the top right corner, and the bottom left of the flowers. Place a swirl Dazzles™ on either side of the flowers
  3. When assembling the circle Paper Tole with foam tape, add a sprig of Babies Breath at the top of the roses. Glue to the bottom left corner. Back the Beauty Dazzles™ with Roses & Lace dark pink paper and cut close to the Dazzles™ edge. Foam tape to the circle Paper Tole.
  4. Back the roses from the Oval Frame Dazzles™ with Roses & Lace dot paper, & dark pink paper. Frame a 3”x4” photo with the oval frame Dazzles™. Cut close to the oval edge. Glue to the top right corner. Zot a polka dot bow at the top. Place a medium butterfly Dazzles™ on the Extra Artwork butterfly. Foam tape to the top left. Place the skin border Dazzles™ on the top and bottom of the photo. Place the border Dazzles™ a shown on the left side of the photo. Back a butterfly Dazzles™ with yellow paper, and foam tape to the border Dazzles™. Glue a sprig of Queen Anne’s Lace flowers on the left side of the photo.