Glitter Aloha Card

Gail Booth

Glitter Aloha Card
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: For easy placement, glitter the adhesive first, then stick the Dazzles™ onto it.



  1. Card front: Place a blank card with the fold on your left and cut 1 ½” from the bottom to create a 5”x5” card. Cover with Hopscotch large dot paper. Mat the long edges of 5”x2 ¾” yellow gingham paper on red text paper with 1/8” borders and glue 1/8” from the bottom edge.
  2. Remove the top paper covering from 5”x3 ½” double-sided adhesive and sprinkle with glitter. Burnish the glitter into the adhesive with your finger, using a circular motion. Tap off the excess, then burnish and tap off two more times, until glitter will no longer tap off. Place the large hibiscus cluster on one end of the piece and a small flower near it. Cut the border Dazzles™ in half and place both pieces on the other end of the glittered adhesive piece.
  3. Cut out around the large and small flowers, cutting along the edge of the Dazzles™ and lifting the scrolls so they will not be cut off. Remove the paper backing from the glittered adhesive with the border Dazzles™, place onto teal blue text paper, then cut out along the edge of the border, “backing” the Dazzles™.
  4. Back the Hibiscus stamens on red text paper, the leaves on green dot paper and the flowers on orange grid paper. Glue the backed border Dazzles™ on the left side of the yellow strip on your card front, 1/8” from the fold, and 1/8” between borders, trimming even with the top and bottom edges of the yellow paper. Glue the large flower as shown and place tiny flower Dazzles™ around it.
  5. Cut the right end of 3 ½”x1 ¼” yellow gingham paper in a “v”, then mat on red text paper with a 1/8” border and foam tape ¼” from the fold, above the yellow strip. Glue the remaining glittered flower on the right end, place “ALOHA” on the left and tiny flowers as shown. Wrap a length of red ribbon around the card front, at the fold, tying a bow as shown.