Trail Blazer Card

Gail Booth

Trail Blazer Card
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: Use Copper Jewel Dazzles™ to back small areas of the brown Dazzles™.



  1. Card front: Open a blank card and place face down on your work surface with the score line vertical. Cut 7/8” from the right side. Close your card, place the fold on your left and cover the card front with mocha suede paper. Glue 3 ¾”x6 ½” Trailblazer wood grain paper centered on the panel, with 1/8” borders on the left and right sides. Cut 4”x6 ½” leaf border paper with the leaves on the left and tear 1” from the right side (make the tear uneven, as shown). Glue the leaf border piece even with the left edge of the wood grain paper, leaving the right edge unglued.
  2. Place the round compass Dazzles™ on bright green paper and cut around the center starburst, lifting the edges of the Dazzles™ to cut next to each edge of the star, backing the star portion of the Dazzles™. Place medium Copper Jewel Dazzles™ behind each compass letter. Back the entire Dazzles™ on teal chevron paper, trimming around the outer edge. Place a tiny copper Dazzles™ at the center and glue the piece under the edge of the torn leaf paper close to the top of your card, as shown. Glue the edge of the torn paper down.
  3. Pop out the numbered die-cut pieces for the deer plaque and ink the edges brown. Wrap piece #1 with 1/8” blue sheer ribbon twice, tying a bow on the left and mat the plaque portion of the piece on suede with a 1/16” border. Use foam tape to stack the numbered paper tole pieces in place, then foam tape the piece on your card, as shown.
  4. Cut a “v” at each end of 4 ½”x1” map paper, tear off the top edge and foam tape 1/8” from the bottom of your card. Back the bottom of the “Trail Blazer” Dazzles™ on teal chevron paper and foam tape onto the map paper.
  5. Nest the Leaf embossing plates within the Leaf cutting die to cut and emboss three leaves from green ombre papers. Ink each leaf with gold StazOn®, then with brown StazOn®. Foam tape the leaves around the base of the deer plaque, as shown. Place an arrow Dazzles™ above the greeting and place Jewel Dazzles™ on the plaque, greeting and card corners, as shown.
  6. Card inside: Cover with suede paper and glue 4 ¾”x6 ½” teal chevron paper on the center. Ink the edges of 3”x3 ½” wood grain paper and glue on the center. Tear the top and bottom from 2 3/8”x3 ½” map paper, ink the edges and foam tape centered on the wood grain paper. Back the trees of the “Life is Better…” Dazzles™ with green paper, the “Better” word with a border strip of Copper Jewel Dazzles™ sheet, and place centered on the map paper.
  7. Back the deer on map paper and place at the upper left, as shown. Ink the edges of the two extra artwork foil die-cuts and foam tape one over the other, as shown. Place leaf and Jewel Dazzles™ as shown and Zot™ on a bow of 1/8” blue sheer ribbon.