Art Binder

LeNae Gerig

Art Binder
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: Using contrasting papers really makes the Embossing Glitter stand out. Try a dark color like purple on pink paper!



  1. Apply ink to the edges, binding and back of the binder. Round the top and bottom corners on 6 5/8”x5 5/8” Artful Water color green paper and ink black. Stamp and Raspberry emboss Artful Affirmation “Beautiful” stamp on the top right corner and glue centered on the front of the binder.
  2. Cut out a pink post card and envelope from the Artful Watercolor papers, ink edges and glue, as shown on the front of the binder. Cut out a rectangle with a large butterfly image and stamp and purple emboss Artful Affirmations “Follow your Art” image. Ink edges and glue to the binder center.
  3. Stamp Artful Affirmations “Laugh often” and “dream BIG” on Artful Watercolor pink paper using both grape and blue embossing glitters. Cut to 1 7/8”x3/4” and ink edges black. Glue to the binder as shown. Stamp and blue glitter emboss the individual heart shape onto pink paper and cut out. Ink edges black and glue to the bottom left side of the page.
  4. Place Gold Artful Affirmations Dazzles™ swirl leaves and flower near the hearts and butterflies among the post cards as shown. Use a length of ½” wide dark pink grosgrain Artful Watercolor Ribbons to make a bow and Zot™ to the binder as shown.