You’re The Sweetest

LeNae Gerig

You’re The Sweetest
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: Add sparkle to the Sweet Life flowers by adding punched circles from glitter tape to the flower centers. Font: Birthday 24 pt.



  1. Glue 12”x3” Sweet Life striped paper across the center of the blue floral border paper. Place lengths Pink Topaz Glitter Tape across the top and bottom edge of the striped border, 2” from each side.
  2. Mat two 4”x6” photos on brown cardstock, 1/2” apart on the center and 1/8” border on the sides. Glue 1/2”x6” length of Sweet Life stripe paper between the photos. Glue the photos over the striped border, as shown.
  3. Assemble the Sweet Life Paper Tole “You’re the Sweetest!” with foam tape and foam tape between the photos, as shown. Place the page on your cutting mat. Use your knife to carefully cut around the right edge of the top right green/pink flower petals on the lower left corner of the background paper. Cut an 8 3/4" length of Diamond Glitter Tape and place it even with the bottom of the brown photo mat, tucking the left edge beneath the cut area of the petals. Glue an 8 3/4" length of bright pink metallic ribbon even with the top edge of the Diamond Glitter tape. Glue the cut petal in place on the ribbon/Glitter Tape. Foam tape the 3 “extra art” pieces from the Paper Tole sheet centered over the Diamond Glitter tape/bright pink ribbon.
  4. Write or print on 1 7/8”x5/8” white cardstock, ink edges and foam tape brown cardstock to the back, leaving 1/8” borders. Glue to the top left corner of the page. Zot™ a bright pink bow on the upper edge of the journaling block. Zot™ clusters of pink daisies on the page as shown. Add a daisy to the center of each large Sweet Life flower on the corners of the background paper. Punch four 1/4" circles from Diamond Glitter Tape and place centered on the medium flowers on the background as shown. Punch six 1/8” circles from Pink Topaz Glitter Tape and place centered on the smaller flowers on the background.