Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful Page

Susan Cobb

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful Page
By Susan Cobb

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Designer’s Tip: Add chalks to stamped images, and embellish around them with pen work for an artistic look.



  1. Place a sheet of Artful Watercolor collage paper with the floral corner on the lower right. Mat the 5”x6” and 5 1/4”x3 1/2" photos on black cardstock with thin borders. Mat each again on Artful Watercolor green/blue textured paper with 3/16” borders. Mat again on black with thin borders. Cut a 4” length of blue/brown cord and Zot™ it even with the bottom of the larger photo. Take magenta twine and wrap it around the bottom of the photo and tie a bow, 1” from the bottom. Trim the ends to 2”. Cut a piece of blue/brown cord to fit the left side of the small photo and mat. Zot™ in place. Glue the larger photo on the page, 1 1/4" from the right and top. Glue the remaining photo even with the left side and 3 1/8” from the top.
  2. Press out the “Be your own kind of BEAUTIFUL” paper tole embellishment pieces. Layer the pieces by number with foam tape, and glue the finished embellishment on the page, overlapping the bottom inner corners of the two photos as shown.
  3. Place Artful Affirmations Dazzles™ 2 large and 2 small swirls on black cardstock. Trim around the edges leaving a thin border around each. Write or computer print journaling on tan textured paper and trim to a rectangle. Mat on black with thin borders. Place on the page, 1 1/8” from the bottom and 1 1/2" from the left. Tuck a Dazzles™ small
  4. swirl beneath each end of the journaling block and glue in place as shown. Glue the journaling block in place.
  5. Stamp “Follow Your Art” and “What makes you different…” on Artful Watercolor tan textured paper with black ink. Place the Easy Vintage Labels Template with the 3”x4” label on the paper with the “Follow Your Art” image centered beneath it. Trace around the shape, remove the template, and cut out the label. Repeat for the second image, using the 2”x3 1/4" label shape. Use the fine tipped black pen to add pen work around the edges of each label. Chalk the images and pen work with blue, green, and mauve chalks as desired. Mat the labels on black with thin borders. Glue “Follow Your Art” on the page above the smaller photo, adding a Dazzles™ large swirl beneath the right end as shown. Glue the remaining label below the smaller photo, adding the remaining swirl beneath the left edge of the label.
  6. Add Dazzles™ tiny hearts, flower, dots, words and small butterfly as shown. Press out the butterfly extra art from the paper tole sheet. Lightly fold the wings together and add foam tape beneath the body. Place on the upper left edge of the large stamped label. Zot™ flowers and leaves near the photos and journaling on the page as shown. Tie a knot in a 5” length of 1 1/2" wide purple crepe ribbon. Trim the tails as desired and Zot™ near the lower left corner of the page.