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Strut Your Stuff

LeNae Gerig

Strut Your Stuff
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: Cover the inside of the tunnel card and place the peacock Dazzles™ on the fold, centered where the window will be. Embellish the Dazzles™ with glitter glue and Stickles™ while the card is laying flat and let dry. Cover the card window piece and complete the card.



  1. Front: Cover the card with Artful Watercolor border paper with the border along the right edge. Place a length of Pink Jewel Dazzles™ next to the border as shown. Cover the label die-cut with tan/purple/blue paper and ink edges. Place Peacock Dazzles™ greeting “Strut Your Stuff” on the label center and swirls and hearts at the top and bottom. Foam tape to the card front, as shown. Knot a length of 1 ½” wide purple crepe Artful Watercolor Ribbon and trim tails to 1 ¾” long. Zot™ the knot to the left side of the label, as shown.
  2. Cover the center fold on the inside of the card with Artful Watercolor green paper. Place the Peacock Dazzles™ where the window will be and color body with blue and green Smooch ink and feathers with blue and green Stickles™. Let dry.
  3. Cover the inside tunnel panel with window with Artful Watercolor dark pink/blue paper and cut out the window and ink edges. Ink edges of 5/8” wide strip of striped paper and glue across the panel bottom edge and a 3/8” wide strip 1/8” from the top edge. Place a length of Peacock Dazzles™ purple border along the bottom edge of the striped border as shown.
  4. Cut out the flowers from the 2nd sheet of Artful Watercolor border paper and place on the bottom right corner of the panel, without gluing down. Place Peacock Dazzles™ feathers to extend from under the flowers as shown and color with Smooch® Inks. Let dry and glue the flowers in place. Place Happy Birthday Greetings Dazzles™ on the left side of the panel ad hearts and bursts from Peacock Dazzles™ as shown. Glue the Tunnel Panel to the inside of the card as shown.