Susan Cobb

By Susan Cobb

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Designer’s Tip: You can use lots of different mediums to decorate your Double-Stick Dazzles™! Here I’ve used Silver Metal Leaf, Spectrum Noir Pen plus Crystal Micro Glitter, and Sapphire Metallic F/X for 3 different colors and textures on 1 card.



  1. Cover the flaps and inside: Take the Bendi card and fold the scored lines of the larger flap on the right, in toward the center. Fold the smaller left flap so it overlaps the right flap. Cover the left flap with Confetti pink/green/blue tiles paper, trimming the edges evenly. Ink the edges with Periwinkle ink. Cover the right flap with confetti green tiles paper. Place the flap on your cutting mat with the inside facing up. Use your knife and ruler to carefully recut the slit. Ink the edges of the flap with Periwinkle ink. Cover the inside panel with Confetti blue/pink/green striped paper. Recut the slit as before. Ink the edges with Periwinkle ink.
  2. For the Double-Stick Stars Dazzles™: Peel off the stars you wish to color blue and place them on one end of the Dazzles™ plastic cover sheet. Use your finger to color the stars with Sapphire Metallic F/X powder. Add the stars to your card as shown. Use a paper towel to wipe off any powder residue from the cover sheet. Peel the stars and tail you wish to make green and place them on the cover sheet. Use the LG3 pen to color each of the pieces. Sprinkle each with micro glitter and burnish it into place with your fingers. Tap off the excess glitter and pour it back into the container. Place the green glittery stars on the card. Peel the stars and tails you wish to make silver and place them on the cover sheet. Place pieces of Silver Metal Leaf on the stars and tails to cover them completely. Use the cosmetic sponge to remove the excess metal leaf and place it back into the package. Add the stars and tails to the card as shown.
  3. Place Double Stick Fancy Butterflies Dazzles™ “Hello” and Double Stick Fancy Flowers Dazzles™ “Thinking of You” on the cover sheet and cover the words with silver metal leaf. Use the cosmetic sponge to remove the excess as before. Place “Hello” on the center of the small flap, 1/4" from the bottom. Place “Thinking of You” on the inside as shown. Place the left end of the larger green flap through the slit on the blue inside panel. Place the right end of the small pink flap through the slit on the green panel.
  4. Use 1/8” wide pink grosgrain ribbon to tie a bow. Zot™ the bow on the right side of the green flap, near the slit as shown. Add Silver Jewel Border Dazzles™ on the outer edges of the panels as shown.