Happy Birthday

Susan Cobb

Happy Birthday
By Susan Cobb

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Designer’s Tip: I used watercolor in a layered fashion to achieve lots of different colors inside the spaces of the Dazzles™. This way I can create colors that work well with my background papers and change their intensity. Use the acrylic block as a paint palette for creating pale watercolor washes.



  1. Front: Cut out 2 aqua/gold rectangles from the Artful Watercolor rectangle collage paper and cover the front flap of the butterfly card. Trim away the excess from inside the butterfly opening. Ink the edges black.
  2. Press out the butterfly frame die-cut and the inner solid butterfly die cut. Add the Dazzles™ black outer butterfly pieces centered on the frame. Add the inner wing pieces and body centered on the solid butterfly die cut.
  3. Coloring the butterfly frame inside the Dazzles™: Use the #141 pencil to color inside the teardrop shaped spaces at the bottom of each butterfly wing and the top center above the body area. Color in the remaining spaces with the #133 pencil. Dip the brush into water and wipe off the excess onto the paper towel. Now take the wet brush and smooth it over the purple areas. Dip the brush in water and wipe off the excess. Smooth the wet brush over the remaining pink areas. Let dry. Use the wet brush directly on the #183 pencil point to obtain some yellow gold color, and add it over some of the pink areas of the butterfly frame. Now add color from the #141 pencil to add purple to some of the other pink areas. Rinse the brush and then use #133 to add pink color to the purple areas.
  4. Coloring the solid butterfly inside the Dazzles™: Use the pencils to color in the solid butterfly as follows--#133 for the pink areas, #141 for the purple areas, #156 for the aqua areas, #143 for the blue areas, #168 for the green areas. Use the wet brush to smooth over the penciled areas, 1 color at a time, rinsing the brush between colors. Let dry. Add a second (or third) color as follows: for the pink areas, use #183 yellow gold on some areas, #141 purple on other areas. For the purple areas, use #143 blue on some areas, and #133 pink on other areas. For the blue and aqua areas, use #168 olive green; for green areas, use #163 blue/green and #183 yellow gold. Let dry.
  5. For the outer edges and between the Dazzles™ pieces, use the brush to add some water to the acrylic block. Obtain some blue color from the #143 pencil and make sure it is very pale to create a wash. Use the brush to paint the pale blue wash over the white areas only. The result will be very light. Now do the same thing with a very pale wash of yellow gold, using the #183 pencil, adding it randomly over some areas of the pale blue. Let dry. Now create a very pale wash using the #176 brown pencil. Very quickly, add the pale brown wash over each entire piece and let dry.
  6. Foam tape the butterfly frame aligned with the frame on the card front. Use 1/8” wide teal grosgrain ribbon to tie a bow. Zot™ the bow on the upper right side of the frame as shown.
  7. Cover the inside with Artful Watercolor rectangle collage paper, piecing it to fit. Ink the edges black. Mat the painted solid butterfly die cut on Artful Watercolor aqua/green textured paper with 1/16” borders. Position the butterfly on the card, making sure it is centered inside the butterfly opening on the front when the card is closed. Glue in place. Use the Tiny Tags & Little Labels Template to trace a Squared Tag B shape onto Artful Watercolor aqua/green textured paper and cut it out. Mat it on Artful Watercolor purple/pink textured paper with very thin borders. Place Dazzles™ “Happy Birthday” centered on the tag and a tiny heart on the left end. Tuck the tag beneath the right edge of the butterfly and glue as shown.