Deco Display Card

LeNae Gerig

Deco Display Card
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: Add some Ultra Tape to the bottom tip of the folded section that slips into the front slot to make it stick.



  1. Assemble the die-cut layers from Hunkydory Deco Delights Deco Display 2, using foam tape.
  2. From the Delightful Deco die-cut sheet, fold along the score line of the smallest foiled piece in the following order: mountain, valley, valley and mountain. The front panel should now protrude forward.
  3. Punch out the piece that has a stand and message section. Fold along the score line and tape the top half (message section) to the reverse of the larger foiled piece so that the edges align.
  4. Tape the message section to the bottom back of the largest die-cut piece from the sheet. Tape the folded piece from step 2 to the front of this large piece, aligning the edges.
  5. Tape the 3D image to the front so the central square aligns with the back pieces.
  6. Fold the box sections inwards. Push the stand of the rear shaped piece through the slot at the back of the box section, so that the stand reaches the bottom. Sandwich it between the two inner flaps and tape the flaps together. (The center folded panel will slot into the front slot so that the display stands up).
  7. Tape a sentiment tag to the front of the base.