Butterfly Garden Rocker Card

Debbie Samples

Butterfly Garden Rocker Card
By Debbie Samples

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Designer Tip: Layers, glitter and rounded edges make this card especially pretty!



  1. Take the larger of the two long scored strips from the Lovely Lilies page and fold along each score inwards, attaching the tab to create a collapsible box. Repeat with the smaller strip.
  2. Glue the larger of the two boxes to the back of the medium-sized shaped card. Glue the other side of the box to the front of the largest card circle so that the bases align. Repeat this with the small box and the middle and front small card section, making sure the small scalloped base does not interfere with the rocking motion. NOTE: do not put the front section too high or it will pull the card forward.
  3. Decorate the layers with flowers and butterflies from the Garden Sparkle and Garden Shine pages. Foam tape some, and glue some for different dimensions. Cut the acetate into 3/8”x3” strips, to attach some of the butterflies on the top layer. This will give the card more motion. Attach a sentiment to the front section.