LeNae Gerig

By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: Stenciling with multiple colors of stencil paste takes patience. You have to let each color dry thoroughly before applying the next.



  1. Cut the card to 5” square and place the fold on the top. Ink edges of 4 ¾” square of Roses & Lace gray border paper and glue to the card center with the border along the bottom.
  2. Place the Rose Stencil on white cardstock and use stencil tape to mask off everything around the selected 3 roses. Use the Mini Squeegee to apply pink sparkle paste to the rose portion of the stencil. Remove the stencil while paste is still wet. Remove the tape and clean and dry the stencil. Let the rose image dry thoroughly. Reposition the stencil over the rose image, aligning perfectly. Select the leaves and tendrils next to the stenciled roses and use the tape to mask off remaining areas to protect the paper. Apply green sparkle paste to the leaves and tendrils. Remove the stencil while paste is wet and clean. Let the stenciled image dry thoroughly.
  3. Place the Design Tool Kit #7 Book Plate Label over the stenciled image as shown. Ink edges and glue the book plate to the card front, extending off the top of the card, as shown. Trim even with the card fold. Glue a length of Roses & Lace silver glitter ribbon across the top of the card. Use ¼” wide silver metallic ribbon to make a bow and Zot™ to the ribbon border as shown. Place Black Everyday Greetings Dazzles™ “Hello” on the bottom of the card as shown.
  4. Inside: Cover the card with Roses & Lace gray border paper and trace Design Tool Kit #7 Beveled Label from pink lace paper. Ink edges black and glue to the card center. Make a Design Tool Kit #7 bow from pink rose and burgundy papers. Ink edges and glue above the label. Place Everyday Greetings Dazzles™ “Get Well Soon” on the label.