Deco Slider Card

LeNae Gerig

Deco Slider Card
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: The folded sections nest one inside the other. Pull the top to reveal the card.



  1. Punch out the smallest three-panel section from the Make A Wish die-cut sheet and fold along the score lines.
  2. Punch out the matching stripe and thread the strip through the slots, folding the ends over loosely so that they will slide up and down. Tape the folded panel flap to secure.
  3. Punch out the deco shaped section, fold along the score line and tape it together. This will be the top of the slider card.
  4. Foil side up, tape the deco section to the sliding band, lining the base of the deco section to the base of the strip (Make sure that the band is at its lowest point and the layer is below the top of the larger section).
  5. Put tape down each side edge of the panels fold to secure them.
  6. Repeat this process with the larger three-panel section, slider bar and center panel.
  7. Pull up the layers and tape the greetings to the top and middle sections.