Wish You Were Here

Susan Cobb

Wish You Were Here
By Susan Cobb

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Designer’s Tip: I placed torn pieces of ivory cardstock beneath the words on the larger vellum stickers, or backed them with cardstock for contrast.



  1. Place your blank card with the fold at the left. Cover the card with Trail Blazer brown/green compass border paper, with the compass border near the top left. Cut a 5”x2 1/2" Trail Blazer tan map paper. Tear 1/2" all the way across the top edge of the paper so it is 1 3/4" to 2” tall. Glue across the card, 1 5/8” from the bottom, but do not glue down the top torn edge. Cut a 4 1/2"x1 1/2" light brown textured paper. Tear 1/4" from the right side. Ink the remaining edges with dark brown ink. Foam tape on the card, even with the left side and 1/4" from the bottom. Ink the edges of the card with dark brown ink.
  2. Place the post card vellum sticker with greeting on ivory cardstock and trim the edges evenly with the sticker to back it. Add Gold Thin Lines Dazzles™ on the edges. Place it angled on the right side of the card, tucking the lower left corner beneath the torn map paper as shown.
  3. Tear a 2 7/8”x1” piece of ivory cardstock and glue it centered on the tan map paper on the card, 5/8” from the right side. Place the “EXPLORING new PLACES” vellum sticker centered over it so the cardstock is beneath the words. Cut small pieces of Thin Lines Dazzles™ to fit at the sides of the words as shown. Tear a 3 3/4"x1/2” ivory cardstock and glue it centered on the light brown textured paper on the card, even with the left side. Place a “SCENIC VIEWS” vellum sticker centered on the light brown paper so the words are centered on the ivory cardstock. Add Dazzles™ to the sticker as shown.
  4. Back remaining stickers with ivory cardstock, and mat on green textured paper as desired. Glue or foam tape on the card as shown. Add Dazzles™. Take two 12” lengths of brown twine. Place them together and tie a bow. Zot™ in place as shown.