Floating Romance Frame

Floating Romance Frame
By Michelle Frae Cummings

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Designer Tip:



  1. Cut your background paper to 6 1/4" x 8 1/4".

  2. Crumple paper into a tight ball. Then flatten out and use your finger to apply the Inka Gold to the paper, accenting the ridges.

  3. Measure and cut your inside paper to be 5"x 7".

  4. Flip over and measure with a ruler and pencil, 1" from all sides. This will create a rectangle. Cut from 'inside' corner to corner.

  5. Flip back to front and trim inside flaps 1" from inside edge.

  6. Curl flaps to reveal under sided pattern.

  7. Ink edges of inner card with Spun Sugar. Apply with your finger some Inka Rose Quartz and Gold.

  8. Glue to background.

  9. Unscrew connectors for frame. Sandwich paper craft inside frame. Mark holes with a pencil.

  10. Remove paper craft and punch holes. Place once more in frame, (add photo or sentiment) line up the holes and re-attach connectors.

  11. Attach flower cut outs with foam tape and accent with micro glitter.