Artful Bendi Card

Gail Booth

Artful Bendi Card
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: Emboss your paper pieces before gluing to the card, to keep the cardstock from warping.



  1. Card base: Open a blank card and place with the small "wing" on the left. Use the wedge to ink all cut edges with Blue Iris ink.
  2. Use the Bendi card paper patterns to trace and cut out the left (small) panel from Artful Watercolor Postcard paper. Keep the small ghosted bird at the bottom left corner of the paper (the tall end of the panel). Cut the right panel from Postcard paper with "Post Card" at the center area of the paper, as shown. Cut the center panel from purple paper. Ink the edges of the papers with Blue Iris, sponging the ink in about 1" all around.
  3. Sponge Blue Iris ink onto the areas of the papers that will have the stamped sentiments. Use VersaMark to stamp "Use Your Wings" centered on the left panel, dust with silver embossing powder and set with the heat gun. Stamp and emboss "Follow Your Art" on the center panel, and "Create" on the right panel, as shown. Swipe the top and sides of the papers with VersaMark, dust with embossing powder and heat set.
  4. Place the rhinestone swirls onto the paper panels, as shown. Fold a length of 1 " wide purple ribbon down the center to create " wide ribbon. Tie a bow at the right end and tape across the right panel, 1 " from the bottom, tucking the ends behind the paper. Glue the center paper onto the center card panel. Fold over the right card "wing" and glue the right panel in place. Fold over the left card "wing and glue the left panel in place.
  5. Open your card and place the center panel face down on your cutting mat. Use the knife to cut through the slit on the back panel, cutting through the paper on the front. Do the same for the right panel. Fold over the panels and slide the "wing" tabs into the slots to display, as shown.