Count Your Blessings Card

Debbie Samples

Count Your Blessings Card
By Debbie Samples

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Designer Tip: Make the cutting die a true silhouette using black suede paper



  1. Card front: Place a blank card with the fold on your left. Cover with Black Suede paper.
  2. Cut a 4"x6" white cardstock. Use all of the yellow Gelatos, and the pink and purple from the Tropical set. Start at the top, and scribble purple for about ". Next pink, dark orange, orange, dark yellow, and yellow. Use a Baby Wipe on your finger, and begin to spread the color across the card. Blend the colors together to make a sunset.
  3. Run the Wildflower cutting die on black suede paper through the die cutting machine. Run the Dragonfly cutting die through the machine using turquoise shimmer sheet. You will need a piece of flashing under the cutting die to make it cut through the mylar. Glue both die-cuts to the colored cardstock. Add the thin line Dazzles and the word Dazzles. Glue to the card front.
  4. Card inside: Glue a 4"x2 " black suede centered. Cut a 4"x2 " white cardstock. Use the same method as on the front with the Gelatos, using dark orange, orange, dark yellow, and yellow. Run through the die cutting machine using just a part of the top flowers to cut. Glue the die cut to the left side of the suede. Use a left over 2"x1" Gelato piece to add the word Dazzles to. Glue to the top right corner of the sued.