Joy Card

Debbie Samples

Joy Card
By Debbie Samples

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Designer Tip: Cut 5"x6" black cardstock. Trace and cut the Lovely Card Front on the bottom only. Ink the tree stamp with the FlitterGlu, on a cosmetic sponge. Stamp the image close to the top of the cardstock. Use the cosmetic sponge to ink all the edges of the cardstock. Place the Mega Flakes all over the cardstock. Push it into the glue. Rub the excess off and put it back into the container. Use the Scoochy Foam to burnish the rest of the flakes down to a nice metallic finish. Cover a 5"x6" white cardstock with Letterpress turquoise paper. Use the FlitterGlu on the cosmetic sponge to ink the bottom edge. Use the same method with the flakes to leaf the bottom edge. Connect the two pieces at the top with Flip Flop Fasteners. Place the "JOY" Dazzles as shown.