Advent Calendar

Debbie Samples

Advent Calendar
By Debbie Samples

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Designer Tip: Paint all of the wood pieces with Fresh Lime Dylusions paint. Break apart the pieces where indicated. You may need a Detail Saw, (or Keyhole Saw) to get a smooth break. A small hand held file or sand paper will smooth the edges. Assemble the box as indicated, and then you can touch up the areas that need it. Measure 9" from the corner of a Winter's Garden border paper on two sides. Make a mark, and then cut straight across the paper to form a large triangle. Spread white glue evenly over the triangle, and glue to the top of the box. Use the "Merry Christmas" cutting die to cut a Red Fireworks Holographic paper. Use white glue to place on the triangle. Mat an 8" square Winter's Garden brown floral paper on Winter's Garden red paper with " borders. Glue to the recessed square, using white glue. Glue four 9"x1" Winter's Garden brown floral papers on each side of the frame. Mat a 7"x5" photo on white cardstock, with 1/16" borders. Mat again on Red Fireworks Holographic paper, and Winter's Garden green dot paper with 1/8" and " borders. Glue centered. Glue the poinsettia die-cuts as shown. Use small Zots to glue the ornaments and large snowman to the frame. Zot a red glitter bow to the top of the ornaments. Cut a 6"x3/4" Winter's Garden brown floral paper. Score and fold @ each " section. Glue the last fold overlapping the first to form a box. Place a Zot on the bottom and two sides of the square. Glue to the center of the frame, and place the small snowman on the front of the box. Assemble all of the gray boxes with white glue. Let dry. Use the Advent Calendar Box Cutting Die to cut the box shapes from all of the Winter's Garden papers. Cut 2-3 from each color, equaling 24 boxes. Use a glue stick to glue a die-cut box to the front of a gray box, matching the half circle. Work your way around the box, gluing the flap, and then the side. When you get to the front, peel the paper back and tuck the last flap under the paper. Cover all of the boxes in this manor. Arrange the boxes in the holes, mixing up the paper patterns. Begin decorating each box front with Dazzles, flowers, & die-cuts. You can back some of the Dazzles by placing them on paper, and cutting close to the Dazzles edge. Once you have all of the boxes decorated, place the number Dazzles in each corner. Fill with candy, money, small toys or little notes.