Beautiful Canvas Board

Gail Booth

Beautiful Canvas Board
By Gail Booth

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Designer’s Tip: It’s fun to layer the paper artwork, label and paper tole. Hang this board in your creative room or office.



  1. Ink the edges of the canvas board Timber Brown and let dry. Cut a 7 3/4" square from the lower left corner of the Artful Watercolor collage paper. Glue a 12”x3/4” purple/tan/blue strip from Artful Watercolor striped paper across the square, 4" from the top. Sand the edges of the square. Place the Dazzles™ border along the bottom. Place a Dazzles™ large swirl ½” the top, 2” from the right, as shown. Place two small Dazzles™ swirls below the striped paper at the right and left sides, as shown. Glue the piece centered onto your board.
  2. Using the Artful Watercolor postcard/envelope paper, cut the entire center strip loose along the right and left sides of the postcard and envelope art. Cut out the postcard at the bottom, ink the edges and glue at an angle, ½” from the top of your board, covering the end of the Dazzles™ swirl. Keeping the envelope art connected to the letter above it, cut away the postcard above the letter (the upper postcard is not used here). Use the back of your Xacto knife to score a line at the top of the envelope and mountain fold along the line, folding the envelope down and matching the bottom edges of the paper. Cut along the artwork flap point of the envelope (front panel only) and glue the cut away piece to the bottom of the blue paper edge, then flip the envelope point up. Ink the edges of the envelope and set aside.
  3. Using the Design Tool Kit, trace a Double Bracket Label vertically onto the “Use Your Wings” pink rectangle printout. Cut out the shape, sand the edges and glue at an angle on the left, Gluing the envelope over the right edge (leave the upper flap loose). Place a Dazzles™ large swirl on the left side of the label.
  4. Stack and foam tape the numbered pieces of the “Beautiful” paper tole together, ink the edges of the “doily” and foam tape centered at the bottom of your board, ½” from the bottom. Foam tape the #3 flower piece of the tag paper tole onto the #2 piece, ink the edges of the tickets and leaves only, then tuck into the envelope and glue in place. Foam tape the extra artwork butterfly paper tole piece at the top left edge of the open envelope.
  5. Place the large butterfly Dazzles™ over the butterfly paper tole. Place the “Do More of …” Dazzles™ on the postcard. Add remaining Dazzles™ as shown.