Enjoy the Little Things Card

Gail Booth

Enjoy the Little Things Card
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: Create your card from black cardstock with the Triple Step Card template, placing the steps on the left. Use the template to trace and cut a front paper from Mystic Garden aqua flourish paper, then glue a ½” strip of dark pink tile paper ¼” from the bottom. Stamp the flower/bird cage at the bottom right and swirls above and to the left. Mask off “…the little things” to stamp “enjoy” at the upper left corner. Use the Layered Labels template to trace and cut out one Bracket Sign and one Bracket Frame “A” from aqua flourish paper. Stamp the bird with cage onto the bracket sign and the three birds onto the bracket frame, as shown. Stamp each bird image and the flower/bird cage onto pink dot paper, cut out the cages and glue in place onto the aqua papers. Cut out the musical staff section for the three birds and glue in place. Stamp all three images again on white cardstock and color in the flower, flourishes, birds and perches with the pens. Cut out each of the colored areas and glue over the matching images on the papers (cut the bird on the right away from the other two birds of three before gluing and save for later). Glue the front panel in place. Mat the labels on dark pink tile paper with a 1/16” border. Place each label onto the steps, as shown, cutting even with the right edge of the step. Stamp “enjoy the little things” on white, mat on black and glue in place. Glue the remaining colored bird at the bottom. Stamp, color and cut out butterflies and foam tape as shown. Zot™ bows onto the cage tops.