Shine Dragonfly Card

Debbie Samples

Shine Dragonfly Card
By Debbie Samples

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Designer Tip: Start with the fold on the top. Cover with Wildflowers purple swirl paper. Use the Olive 3 template to trace and cut the card front only. Ink the edges. Trace and cut a Betty 1 from Wildflowers dark beige paper. Ink the edges, and glue centered. Trace and cut an Alice 2 from Wildflowers lavender paper. Ink the edges, and mat on purple sparkle Christmas Dazzles™ Sheets, leaving 1/16” borders. Peel the back off the Dazzles™ sheet, and stick to the card front. Back the large dragonfly Dazzles™ wings with purple sparkle Dazzles™ sheets. Cut close to the Dazzles™ edges. Back the body with Wildflowers green paper. Foam tape just the wings, and glue the dragonfly as shown. Back a small dragonfly Dazzles™ wings with the purple sparkle Dazzles™ sheet, and place with a swirl Dazzles™ as shown. Trace and cut the oval from Wildflowers green paper. Mat on purple sparkle Dazzles™ sheet with 1/16” borders. Place the “Shine” Dazzles™ centered, and foam tape on the bottom. Glue a 6½”x2¾” Wildflowers purple plaid paper on the inside bottom. Peel the back off of a 6½”x1/8” purple Dazzles™ sheet, and stick to the bottom inside. Ink the edges