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Love, Laughter & Happiness Card

Debbie Samples

Love, Laughter & Happiness Card
By Debbie Samples

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Designer Tip: This template makes an elegant wedding card.



  1. 1.Trace and cut the card Base from turquoise cardstock. Use the X-acto knife to cut out the center hole area. Score and fold on the score lines.
  2. Card Outside: Trace and cut two Card Base Paper Patterns from Floral Fantasy border paper. Glue in place. Cut the top swirl off the pearl swirl. Place on the bottom left panel. Place the cut off swirl on the top of the right panel. Back a flower cluster Dazzles™ with Floral Fantasy yellow/teal paper. Cut close to the Dazzles™ edge. Foam tape on the bottom right panel. Foam tape the extra artwork butterfly just above the Dazzles™ Place the word Dazzles™ on 7/8” wide strips of paper. Cut close to the ends of the words. Foam tape on the top of the left panel as shown.
  3. Card Inside: Trace and cut two paper patterns from Floral Fantasy floral paper. Glue on the outside panels. Place the two rhinestone swirls as shown. Trace and cut two paper patterns from Floral Fantasy yellow/teal damask paper. Glue to the middle panels. Place the two Dazzles™ as shown.
  4. Center Label: Trace and cut the center label from turquoise cardstock, using the outer lines of the label. Trace and cut the label using the inside lines from Floral Fantasy cloud paper. Mat on gold holographic paper with 1/16” borders. Glue on the turquoise label centered. Cut a pearl swirl in half, and place the two pieces on the label as shown. Place the Dazzles™ words on 7/8” wide turquoise cardstock. Cut close to the ends of the words. Foam tape to the label. Foam tape the turquoise paper tole butterfly next to the top word. Slip the label under the top and bottom tabs of the card.