“Friends” Decorated Wood Pallet

Susan Cobb

Friends Decorated Wood Pallet
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: Use the mini squeegee or palette knife to obtain a small amount of Steel Blue and Silver Inka-Gold onto the acrylic block. Use your fingers to mix a little of the blue with the silver for a lighter blue color. Again use your fingers to apply it on the front of the wood pallet, letting some of the wood show through in some areas. Cut a tan/watercolor “Post Card” rectangle from the Artful Watercolor blocks collage paper. Trim to 3 3/4"x2 1/2" and mat on brown cardstock with thin borders. Glue it angled onto the front of the pallet as shown. Mat a small photo on brown cardstock with thin borders and glue it angled on the paper. Wrap the left side of the pallet with brown jute twine, gluing the ends at the back to secure. Take 2 strands of the brown twine together and tie a bow. Zot™ the bow in place as shown. Place the “friends” stencil onto Artful Watercolor light blue watercolor paper. Apply dark brown ink onto the light blue paper within the open spaces in the stencil with the cosmetic sponge. Remove the stencil and clean it. Trim around the word and foam tape it on the top edge of the photo. Place foam stickers on the pallet as shown.