Peek-a-Boo Flower Card

Gail Booth

Peek-a-Boo Flower Card
By Gail Booth

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Designer Tip: Stamp on both card "flaps" for a beautiful peek-a-boo illusion.



  1. Set the left card flap on scrap paper with the "v" on the right. Make a light pencil mark 7/8" from the left side, then stamp the large flower frame aligning the left edge of the image along the pencil mark. The image will go off the "v" cut of the flap. Repeat for the right card flap, making a mark 7/8" from the right side, and aligning the right edge of the image along the pencil mark. When the two flaps slide together, you will have a complete image.
  2. Color in each image using the watercolor pencils, then blend the colors using a wet brush. Stamp two large butterflies on white cardstock and color in. Let dry.
  3. Front: Cover the left and right front card panels with Wildflowers light purple paper and trim along the edges. Stamp the butterfly on each side of the window, as shown. Glue strips of dark purple paper along the top and bottom edges. Stamp "Happy Everything" centered on a strip of green tile paper and mat the long edges on dark purple. Cut the strip between the words then glue the strips below the window, as shown. Add border Dazzles. Cut out the colored butterflies and Zot over the stamped butterflies, lifting the wings. Zot on a bow.
  4. Pop out the label from the center frame panel and cover with light tan paper. Stamp "Always thinking of You" on center, small flowers below and tiny butterflies above. Color in the flowers and paint a little yellow around the sentiment. Glue the piece on the center of the inside card panel, 5/8" from the top edge.
  5. Refer to your die-cut card instructions to attach the flaps with ultra tape. Cover the Center Panel Frame with dark purple floral border paper, cutting out the window. Refer to your die-cut card instructions to place the center panel on your card, using a double layer of foam tape. Use border Dazzles around the window.